Dr. Marco Montoya, candidate for Congress District 25

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Dr. Montoya spoke to Democrats in Killeen on August 23rd.  If you live in precinct 405, 412, or 413 then Dr. Montoya will be on your ballot for Congress.  Please consider checking the box for Straight Democrat.  

Dr. Montoyta's

EDUCATION:  Ph.D in Socio-demography, Masters in Public Health and Educational Psycoloty, Distinguished US Naval War College Graduate.

Voter Registration in Bell County

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Fellow Citizens,

On Friday, August 22nd the Killeen Daily Herald printed an article by reporter, Rachael Riley titled Voter registration drive  Saturday at Heights coffee house.  According to the article a person must provide proof of residency to register to vote in Bell County.

 THIS IS WRONG!  Proof of residency is NOT required.  

If you have been denied the right to register to vote or to cast your vote, please contact the Bell County Democratic Party at 254.813.5123.  Democrats support everyone's right to vote!

Additional Information for 2014 Delegates

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All final information and schedules are at www.texasdemocraticconvention.com.

As we get closer to the convention more relevant information will be available on the website. You will get a program book with the Texas Democratic Party rules, schedules, and maps when you register on site.


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