Voter ID Laws Debate: 'Discriminatory' Texas Voter Identification Law Challenged at U.S. Appeals Court

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It is important to remember that while the law is being reviewed, voters still must show an approved ID to vote.

Acceptable forms of photo ID according to the attorney general's office:  Texas driver's license, free Texas election identification card (EIC), Texas personal identification card, Texas license to carry a concealed handgun, U.S. military identification card, U.S. citizenship certificate and a U.S. passport.

Need help obtaining an acceptable form of ID??  Call us at 254.813.5123.  We can help.


Support Our Teachers

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I am the child of two immigrants. On my first day of kindergarten, I didn’t speak English. It’s because of the dedication and handwork of passionate professional educators that I succeed.

Democrats know we have to do more for our teachers to honor their commitment to our children. With only 40 days left of legislative session, we need to stand up now for our teachers before it’s too late.

Hardworking Texas teachers deserve good pay and a secure retirement. That’s the least we can do for the people who educate our children.

Action Alert - HB 507 Marijuana Law Reform

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Rep. Herrero holds the keys to decriminalizing marijuana in Texas‬.

Let him know Texans want change! Call Rep. Herrero now and ask him to support HB 507!

Please ask that he support ‪#‎HB507‬ and put it up for a vote.

Please be respectful and keep it short. Be prepared to give your name, city and make the request. They will add you to their tally or log for the bill.
Rep Herrero not only is representing his constituents on this Committee but ALL Texans. 61% of Texans support HB 507.

Action Alert - House Bill 76 Online Voter Registration

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House Bill 76 would make convenient online voter registration a reality.

Online voter registration is fast, convenient, and more secure than paper registration. It will save Texas money. House Bill 76 is a bipartisan bill and is good for our state.

Can you be in Austin on Monday, April 27th?  Join like minded people in support of House Bill 76.  Register now.

Not able to be in Austin?  You can still be heard by calling or writing your House Rep at the locations listed below.


Texas Republicans Set to Break Promise to Veterans

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The Hazelwood Act is Texas’ sacred promise to the brave men and women who served to protect our nation and their families. For years, this law has helped thousands of qualifying Texas veterans, their spouses, and the children of veterans receive up to 150 hours of college classes, tuition free.

This program has successfully ensured Texas veterans and their families receive the best higher education. However, currently there is no path forward to finding a solution to fully fund this program this legislative session.


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Members of the Bell County Texas Democratic Women (BCTDW) recently attended the annual Texas Democratic Women's conference.  Laura Allen will preside as President for the 2015 term.  The delightful Aliceanne Wallace received the Lifetime Achievement Award for all of her work organizing and promoting Texas Democratic Women.  We are honored to call you both friend.  Congratulations!

Welcome to the Coalition of Black Democrats

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I am extremely excited to announce the formation of the Bell County Chapter of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats.  Welcome to the newest organization to join the Bell County Democrats family.  Please join us at the monthly meetings held the first Monday of every month starting at 6pm at the headquarters located at 1808 E Rancier, Killeen.

The mission of the Coalition of Black Democrats - Bell County Chapter:


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