2016 Democrats' Primary Candidate Filing Begins

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Candidate fiiing begins on November 14th and ends at 6 pm on December 14th 2015.  Any one wishing to file for a place on the 2016 Democrats' primary ballot must file with either the County Chair, Marianne Miller or the Secretary, Frank Carlson.  If the race covers more than one county, please file with the Texas Democratic Party.

For more information or to schedule a time to file, please call 254.813.5123 or email marianne.miller@bellcodems.com 


Precinct Chair Filing Begins

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Filing for Precinct Chairs Begins September 15th and continues until the end of filing period on December 14th.   

A person who is unopposed after the deadline on December 14, 2015 will be automatically elected for the 2016-2017 term of office.   They will assume office on June 13, 2016.  Persons who are opposed on the deadline will be placed on your primary ballot and stand for election in the primary.

Filing Forms for Precinct Chairs can be found with links to all filing forms at:

2015 Democratic Women of Lampasas Picnic

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Democrats from Bell County enjoying themselves at the Labor Day Picnic hosted by the Democratic Women of Lampasas and the Lampasas Democratic Party.  Food and conversation were excellent.  We all wondered what makes those Lampasas cakes so special.  Cupcakes were auctioned off one at a time with each one bringing in around $50 each.  Yes, $50 a cupcake!  Cakes and pies were even more!

Overreaction in clock-bomb mix-up has chilling effect

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A studious-looking high school freshman wearing a NASA T-shirt was led from his Irving school in handcuffs Tuesday in what appears to be an overreaction to an electronics project he wanted to show his engineering teacher. What makes this episode particularly troublesome is the possibility that 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was more a target of suspicion because he is Muslim.

Half truths and a rotten tax deal

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Collier is finance co-chair of the Texas Democratic Party and former Democratic Comptroller candidate.

There’s more to corruption in Texas than politicians who act like two-bit hustlers and illegally pad their bank accounts. A more insidious form of corruption runs rampant throughout Texas, and it takes the form of political leaders using spin and half-truths to cover their tracks while they hand ordinary Texans a rotten deal.


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Many of us have been deeply shaken by the revelations of police who use their powers to abuse and kill fellow citizens. Moreover when we express these concerns we are often accused of "cop hating" and wishing for a society that is unsafe and out of control. Police defend themselves by stating they have a dangerous and stressful job.

Registering to Vote in Texas

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Registering to vote is easy in Texas.  It doesn't even require a stamp!  Official applications to register to vote are postage-paid by the State of Texas. You may obtain an application from the Bell County Elections office in Belton, the Secretary of State's Office, some libraries, many post offices, or at a TxDot office.

Read the instructions on the form, fill it out and place it in the mail postage-free to the address on the form or hand-deliver it to the Bell County Elections office in Belton. You must be at least 17 years and 10 months of age on the date you apply.

2015 Texas Lege

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The Texas Legislature is now out of session, and unless they’re called back for a special session, they won’t return until 2017.

It’s hard to imagine, considering how little was done to really help Texas families.

Legislators delivered on their sweetheart promise to cut the business franchise tax rather than the sales tax.  That means corporate shareholders, many of whom don’t even live in Texas, can come out ahead while the people who live and work here get zero.

But worse than that is what didn’t get accomplished.


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